Mango Daiquiri
white rum blended with ice and fresh mango
Strawberry Daiquiri
white rum blended with ice and fresh strawberries
Japanese Slipper
melon liquer, cointreau and lime shaken
Honey Bear
vodka, kaluha, grand marnier, brown cacao, honey and ice-cream blended
Vodka, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, and lime shaken
Bombay Blue Gin 20
Vodka 20
Expresso Martini 22

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Light Beers
Cascade Premium light 7
Perroni Leggera 7.5
Coopers Midstrength 7
Carlton Midstrength 7
XXXX Gold 7
Great Northern 3.5 Super Crisp 7.5

Full Strength Beers
Victoria Bitter 8
Melbourne Bitter 8
Carlton Dry 8
Tooheys Extra Dry 8
Pure Blonde 7.5
Coopers Pale Ale 8.5
Coopers Sparkling Ale 8.5
Coopers Stout 9

Premium Beers
Crown Lager 9
Boags Premium 9
James Squire Golden Ale 9
Bulmers Original Cider 8.5

Imported Beers
Mythos 9.5
Corona 9.5
Heineken 9.5
Perroni Nastro 9.5